Hallowe’en (built in Cape Town, 1933)

Finally found seacocks that are worthy of our old wooden boat - we really love them in terms of design, solidity, appearance …. Very convincing stuff indeed!


Mahi Mahi

Many thanks for the supply of the 1 1/2” seacock, I must say I’m impressed with the quality. Nice to buy a good British product. I hope to replace the baitwell inlet seacock at the end of the season with a ¾ one and will be ordering from you again

Aspiration of the Dart

Aspiration of Dart

We are very pleased with our SeaSeal Seacocks. We feel safer with them fitted and like the positive action, we are yet to use all the features but are much happier now they are fitted. The ones supplied with the boat which were worryingly poor quality.


Jane Grant, Skipper MV Uhuru

I purchased four 1 1/2” sea cocks and one 3/4” sea cock for our new build 10m catamaran work boat. They are of superb quality and design, better than anything else currently available. It is great to be buying a first class, competitively priced British product.