The founders

SeaSeal Ltd was founded when TG Stamping & Machining Ltd and RP Marine Surveys Ltd came together to design and manufacture a new, high quality seacock.

TG Stamping & Machining Ltd is a long established Birmingham business which forges and machines non-ferrous metals to manufacture components for a variety of strength and quality sensitive applications from industrial fire system valves to complex, high pressure hydraulic valves, windlass assemblies and commercial life raft valves. www.tgstamping.co.uk

RP Marine Surveys Ltd is a well-respected Marine Surveyor on the South Coast of the UK, with many years of experience examining and reporting on vessels and advising owners and potential purchasers. They have published a number of articles drawing attention to the dangers in the use of poor quality, inappropriate fittings by both new boat builders and the secondary retrofit market.

The problem – an insidious one where ignorance is currently bliss for most owners

The market offering and choice of products for critical, through hull fittings and seacocks for both original equipment and the replacement parts market is quite limited and the products are mostly inappropriate for marine use. This is particularly true for leisure vessels, where in a poorly regulated area, most boat manufacturers have been using un-marked low-grade ball valves for decades. These are essentially a domestic plumbing part of often poor quality, zinc plated standard brass or unspecified material. They cannot be serviced or unseized and will usually just outlive the warranty period on the vessel. In the meantime they have been quietly and invisibly deteriorating and regularly sink craft or cause partial flooding.

The after-market options are no better and examples can be seen in most chandleries and on line suppliers. Even seacocks made in a more traditional cone valve format, are usually castings, which are far weaker than a forging and are often made of standard brass or unspecified material, which is not suitable for marine applications.

Our path to solutions

With our combination of marine knowledge and engineering expertise we decided to design and build a new, high quality, forged product, designed for purpose and made from traceable material to international quality standards. This will give confidence to owners, shipwrights and boat builders alike.

Aim / Mission

We aim to be the most trusted brand, producing high quality, safety critical components for the marine industry and thereby set standards of excellence, adding to our product line as new products are steadily developed for the market.

We hope you like our products, please study the key features section for the full product information.

You can buy them from us online or you can visit our partner chandleries, where you can examine the product and find a trained member of staff to talk you through it.